I’m Je Tuan Jones and I’m here to help you reach your highest spiritual potential on the earth realm. I use different forms of divination and healing modalities to bring you to your greatest good.

My life’s purpose is to help women tap into their inner Goddess. I’ve had to slay my own dragons and become a warrior so that I could hold space for women like you.

With me, you are valued but you aren’t treated like porcelain. You are nurtured but you aren’t coddled. You are challenged but you aren’t demeaned.  You’re ready to live the life that’s been calling out to you, that’s why you’re here. You just need a little or a lot of guidance.

I’ve helped women process trauma, get new careers, increase their spiritual gifts, contact their relatives that have passed over,  have better relationships, leave terrible relationships and more.

Most importantly, you’re taught how to recognize your inner power. You are a Goddess.

What’s a Goddess?

A Goddess knows when to ask for help. She listens to her body and honors cycles and seasons. A Goddess is intuitive. She knows when to say NO and she treats her “yes” like a blessing bestowed upon the worthy.  She only pours from an overflowing cup. Most importantly, She does her soul work.


This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, forgiveness, and grace.


Let’s start your journey on the path of the Goddess.

Intuitive Reading

Goddess Intensives

Personal High Priestess