Animal Totems are any natural or mythical animal to whom you feel a close connection during your life or some particular period of your life. The energy of that animal embodies some energy in your life that reflects your personality or circumstances.

Totems are used across different cultures.

Natives of many countries have animal spirits that are important in their lives. In Chinese astrology the signs are animals and in western astrology most of the signs are animals.   

By getting to know your animal totem, you can get insight and understanding about your life circumstances. Your animal totem will help you learn how to see and navigates life’s challenges and help you gain a larger appreciation of yourself.

Your spirit animal chooses you, you don’t choose it. You will rarely find it by taking a generic online quiz. You may find what animal you’re like, but you won’t find your spirit animal. Your spirit animal is the embodiment of your subconscious.

How I found my personal animal totem

I’ll admit it, I spent most of the time thinking my totem was the owl. I loved owls, I looked up what it stood for and it resonated, but on a spiritual level…something still wasn’t connecting.

You can have a deep appreciation for something and it not belong to you.

When I was in Ohio for an event, everything was pointing me towards the snake. It was confirmed 3 different times. I 100% accepted it when I got a reading and the reader told me that my spirit animal was the snake. I know, I can be quite hard headed.

Everyone isn’t going to find their totem the way I found mine. So I’m giving you a few ways you can find yours.

How to find your personal animal totem

Ask the Universe to send you a sign and be receptive

I was on a mission to find out two separate things when I went to Ohio. I wanted to find the Goddess that I connected to and I wanted to find my personal animal totem. I set my intentions, spoke them out loud, and kept my eyes, intuition, and ears open for the answer.

Take off your skepticism hat and listen to what the universe has to say.  


Youtube is your friend. I’m a fan of the different meditations there. Do a search for Totem Animal meditations, and see if one of those work for you.

You can also sit silently and do your own. Remember intention is key. You won’t have to try hard just sit and see what comes to you. You may have to try this more than once.

Observe nature

Enjoying and observing nature can be an excellent way to find your spirit animal. Are you constantly approached by a particular animal? A squirrel, bird, cat, dog, snake, and etc?

How do you feel? Is there a kinship? There could be something there.


Is there an animal that keeps showing up in your dreams? Pay attention to this. There is a possibility that it’s your Totem animal.  The mind is complex and it’s where our subconscious comes out to play. 

There may be a reoccurring animal you’ve never noticed.  When you wake up, immediately write down everything you can remember from your dreams. The best way to remember is to recall the feelings vs. the imagery. The feelings will assist you in holding on to the memories.

Once you’ve found your Totem Animal. It’s time for you to do some research. Study the animal and its main characteristics.  Ponder on why this animal chose you. If you have the opportunity to see the animal in flesh, pay attention to its mannerisms. How does it carry itself and how does it express emotions?

List all of the qualities and traits, even the ones that may feel a little uncomfortable. What do you identify with the most? What are some of the traits you need to adopt into your life?

Your relationship with your Totem Animal will change over time. It’s the embodiment of your inner self. As you grow, so will your totem.

The one thing I suggest is patience. If your totem animal doesn’t come to you immediately, it’s okay. Don’t force it. It will reveal itself to you when it’s time.