I had an intuitive reading done by Je Tuan not too long ago and the experience has changed my life. She fell into my journey at the exact moment she was supposed to! Her reading was on point in a very caring, compassionate and nonjudgemental kind of way. After hearing some hard truths, I finished in tears. Not because of necessarily what I heard but because she brought it to me in the most enduring manner. It definitely won’t be my last reading or work with her.


JeTuan was on point. I appreciated the reading I received. It was a 30 min tarot reading and she hit the nail on the head.


Je Tuan is awesome. I had my first tarot card reading was yesterday & when I say that she rocked my world that is the understatement of the year. Je Tuan is a kind, compassionate being that uses her talents to guide your inner being into a better place in life. The session was intense and left me in tears because everything she said was 100% correct. She was completely in tuned with my energy and she allowed me to be transparent without feeling judged. I look forward to my next reading. Thank you ever so much Goddess for sharing your gift was us individually and collectively. Be well <3


So Je Tuan is amazing. She has such a calm way of reading that it soothes your soul. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tells you what exactly comes through but she and her guides are gentle and I love the way Spirit uses her. Hire her now.


Je Tuan is a spiritual healer and a powerful intuitive. She tunes into your energy and guides you into awareness of where you are, who you are and the true power you hold. She did this for and with me. Each time I speak with her, I experience unconditional love and support without judgment, which is something I needed. After our first session I slept better, woke up earlier and refreshed, and I knew a new clarity. I love most how she intuitively guided me to make my own discoveries about me and my life. She is a true joy to work with. And just as much as I appreciate her and this experience, she offers her appreciation of me and the experience as well. She is indeed a life changer.