Ready to upgrade and get the hell out of your current apartment, house, room, or office?


I’ve been there!

In order for us to receive the abundance the universe has for us, we must express gratitude for what we’ve been blessed with.


Below is a simple spell to dedicate or rededicate your personal space. This can be done for a room, an office, or an entire home.




Bring something new to the space that is appealing to you. It can be art, a candle, crystals, flowers, a figurine, and etc. The key is to bring an offering to your space.

Take a couple of moments to center yourself and think about all of the great times you’ve had in that space.

When you’re ready, place your offering where you want it to stay and say the words below.


I honor you and I express gratitude

Thank you for being my place of refuge

As I move forward and transition out of this space

I ask that you continue to be a safe place

Ancestors  and guides continue to meet me here

I banish all fear.

It is time to step into my purpose

And go beyond the surface of my dreams.

I welcome peace.

I welcome clarity.

I welcome joy.

I welcome decisiveness

Today I dedicate this space to my higher calling.

That’s it! Nothing fancy required. Your new found gratitude will open more opportunities for growth.

Peace & Blessings!