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Your environment is everything. Allow the scent of Clary Sage to ground and protect you.

Cleanse the energy in your space and see how things shift.

I use this spray before meditations, readings, and sometimes before bed. The possibilities are endless.

Also,  perfect for those that are like me and can’t smoke cleanse with sage because of allergies.

Upgrade your spiritual practice with this Goddess Essential.

Traditionally Clary Sage is a great stress reliever. It relaxes the body, mind, and acts as an anti-depressant.

Magically Clary Sage is associated with vision. It is used to clear not only the physical eye, but the third eye of clairvoyants prior to channeling or divination. It lifts the spirit and helps detachment from emotionally difficult or painful situations.  It can be an aid to enter a trance and or to induce euphoria, which is why it is also sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.

This is made with my special moon water Gem and floral elixir and alcohol.


4 OZ

Glass Bottle

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