Sometimes one session isn’t enough. Let’s accelerate your Goddess journey and dedicate 90 days to YOU.


Our time together is based on your needs and can include shadow work, healing services, intuitive readings, teaching you how to tap into your own gifts, dismantling your past so that you can move forward, and more.


There’s nothing like having a spiritual advisor in your corner. You won’t be alone energetically in your journey. I take my personal clients very seriously and I do everything within my power to ensure you get what you need to take your personal journey to the next level.
This option is perfect for Goddesses that are dedicated to making major shifts in their life and don’t want to take the long route to get there. Allow me to join my energy with yours as we shift your life and create a future that’s in alignment with your higher self.



Book a  half hour “Soul Searching” call with me to see if we’re in alignment with one another. I will give you clarity on any blocks you may have and how we can move forward. This call will include a divination of my choice.  The cost of this call is $97, and it will go towards the cost of the Personal High Priestess package if you choose to move forward.



  • Two 90 minute calls a month 
  • Email Access (All emails will be answered within 24 business hours)
  • Spiritual work on your behalf
  • Access to all  of my self-study courses for 90 days
  • Gifts Galore!


$3500 (Payment plan available upon request).
Ready to get your spiritual life and create a glorious future?


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