The Sacral Chakra rules our physical manifestation. It is the seat of our creativity and it determines how we see ourselves in the physical world.

We are allowed to experience our true desires through this chakra and it governs our self-worth.

Location:  On the spine below the navel.

Represented By the Color: Orange

Signs that it’s balanced

When your Sacral Chakra is balanced you have free-flowing feelings and express yourself easily. Your self-confidence is healthy and other people’s light doesn’t diminish your own. You don’t have any problems with sexuality and intimacy. You also have a deep passion for life.


Signs that it’s over active

You can be emotional and drama-filled. Always looking for ways to be offended by others. There are unhealthy attachments to people and you can have a tendency to “lose it” if plans don’t out. A sexual addiction can be present.  Mental, emotional, and physical tension can be factors.


Signs that it’s under active

There is a denial of what makes you feel good. You’ll find a million excuses as to why you don’t deserve bliss. There is a lack of creativity and an obsession with fitting in. You can have a low sex drive and a negative disposition. Difficulties manifesting desires.


To Help Balance The Sacral Chakra

Element:  Water. Sitting by a body of water, taking a bath or shower, and listening to water via audio can help bring you into alignment.

Food:  Almonds, cinnamon, strawberries, melon, coconut, oranges, and water.

Crystals: Hematite, orange carnelian, amber, orange calcite, citrine, blue jasper, red jasper, and topaz

Meditation: See orange. Visualize an orange orb of light in the location of your root chakra. Focus on that space and breathe into that area of your body. Do this daily for 10 minutes.

Mantra:    I live life confidently and passionately. I work towards my dreams every day.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils: Jasmine, rose, sandalwood, clary sage


  • Dance Party for 5 minutes to music that makes you feel ALIVE.
  • Meditate in the moonlight (it can come through a window)
  • Stand in the mirror and give yourself 3 compliments about your physical body.
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water in a day.
  • Hug someone
  • Compliment someone.
  • When someone compliments you, don’t return the favor. Simply say “Thank you.”
  • Wear a perfume that makes you feel divine. When you put it on, do it with intention. “I smell heavenly. I am a goddess.”
  • Do something creative. Write, paint, draw, and etc. Then share it.
  • Journal about any past relationship that still hurts. Release it.
  • 20 minutes of cardio exercise. It can be dance, spin, running, jumping jacks…it doesn’t matter.



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