root chakra


The Root Chakra governs a person’s relationship with the most basic physical necessities of life like food, water, and shelter. It also governs our relationship with basic emotional needs like trust, acceptance, and comfort.

A damaged first chakra can cause a lot of problems, which make it difficult to find your place in the world.

Because it’s at the core of our entire energetic network an over or under active root chakra can prevent the proper functioning of the others.

Location: The base of the spine and groin area

Represented By the Color: Red

Signs that it’s balanced:

When your root chakra is balanced you feel safe and at ease. You’ll experience less worry and fear. Things that used to bother you no longer feel catastrophic and world ending.  You know that everything is going to work out and that the universe is working in your favor.

You may also experience weight loss or weight gain.  When your root chakra is imbalanced it affects your adrenal glands. These are the glands that are responsible for producing cortisol in your body. When your root chakra is balanced, your body is able to regulate your cortisol levels. It reduces stress and increases your metabolism. Your weight could possibly get to a healthier level without huge changes in our lifestyle.

More sex! Meaning that you may want more. When you are safe and secure you begin to think more about secondary needs like sex.

An increase in finances. Manifesting money and doing what it takes to get it becomes easier. It’s amazing what you’re capable of when fear is no longer a factor.

You also find it easier to let things and people go that are toxic.

Signs that it’s over active:

The desire to dominate surroundings stems from an over active root chakra. High levels of aggression and combative behavior. This is because you’ve sought to find security through control.

Materialism, impulsiveness and unhealthy promiscuity are tied to an over active root chakra as well.

If you are impatient and/or resistant to change, it may be time to see what’s going on.

Signs that it’s under active:

You may have a difficulty feeling connected to the world. You may even feel disconnected to your own body. This is especially true for sexual assault/abuse victims. High levels of anxiety and stress. Also issues with self-worth, money, and connecting in relationships.  Never feeling secure in anything and living in fear of the “other shoe” dropping no matter great things are in your life. Other signs include disorganization and a lack of discipline

To Help Balance

Element:  Earth. If you want to balance your root chakra, take a walk outside and remain present. Enjoy the scenery. Sit under a tree. Feel the ground beneath your feet.

Food: Strawberries, ginger, carrots, beets, or foods with roots. Foods high in protein are great as well like eggs, meat, beans, and nuts.

Crystals: Obsidian, bloodstone, black tourmaline, citrine, carnelian, smoky quartz, and red jasper.

Meditation: See red. Visualize a red orb of light in the location of your root chakra. Focus on that space and breathe into that area of your body. Do this daily for 10 minutes.

Mantra:   “I am safe and secure in the world around me. Everything is working for my good, I am at peace.”

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Rosewood, Ginger, Cloves, Rosemary.  


  • Dance for 5 minutes to music of your choice
  • Clean a room in your home
  • Pack up items to donate
  • Take a ten-minute walk and enjoy nature
  • When you feel anxious. Clap 10 times  loudly and quickly and realign your energy
  • Journal about how childhood experiences with money have affected the way you treat money now.

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