You want answers.

You need to know what Spirit has to say but you don’t have the coins to shell out every month.

Psychics can be expensive and rightfully so.

That’s why I’ve come up with this solution for Goddesses that want channeled messages every month from spirit but they don’t want to break the bank.


Monthly Messages

Monthly Tarot and Oracle Readings for Goddesses that want to transform their lives.

Every Month you will receive a 10-15 minute recorded oracle or tarot reading. You can choose the area of your life you want me to focus on.

For a ridiculously low price

The Readings Start on November 1ST!!

Monthly Messages

  • One 10-15 minute intuitive reading delivered to you via email once a month

What Other Goddesses Have To Say

Because that’s really what matters, right?

I had an intuitive reading done by Je Tuan not too long ago and the experience has changed my life. She fell into my journey at the exact moment she was supposed to! Her reading was on point in a very caring, compassionate and nonjudgemental kind of way. After hearing some hard truths, I finished in tears. Not because of necessarily what I heard but because she brought it to me in the most endearing manner. It definitely won’t be my last reading or work with her. ”

Tina Sharp

“So Je Tuan is amazing. She has such a clam way of reading that it soothes your soul. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tells you what exactly comes through but she and her guides are gentle and I love the way Spirit uses her. Hire her now. ”

Aycee Brown

“Je Tuan is amazing!!! She helped guide me through some emotions that I had buried in my past. She is also very compassionate and easy to talk to. I truly am blessed to have met her. Now I’m on a spiritual journey and feel very freed from my previous emotions. I am now in my internal HAPPY and peaceful place thanks to Je Tuan!! I will call her often for more insightful intuitive readings ”

Janniel Adams


Why in the hell are you doing this? Are you nuts?


That’s an excellent question! I love giving tarot readings and I know that everyone isn’t able to afford my phone readings but they are still in need of messages.

Who is this for?

This will work best for women who are goal oriented and action takers. You only need a nudge or confirmation. This is also for you if you want to do some spiritual work. These readings will be action-packed and filled with golden nuggets.


Who is this not for?


This is not for indecisive women who are afraid to take action and are okay with being stagnant.  This is also not for women who are afraid of different forms of spirituality. If you’re afraid of meditation, chanting, and etc, this may not be for you because there may be times you’re called to do it.

How will this work?

Every month, you will book a date on my Calendar and tell me what area of your life you would like me to focus on. On the date you choose, you will receive your audio by 8 pm CST via email.

Ready to get started? 

Get your Monthly Messages NOW

Readings start November 1ST!!

Monthly Messages

  • One 10-15 minute intuitive reading delivered to you via email once a month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds but you cancel your membership at any time.

How will the readings work?

I will pull 5 cards for you using one of my many different decks. I will focus on the area you ask me for. However, if spirit pulls me in a different direction, I will give you that message.

Can we just do this over the phone?

If you would rather have a phone reading, you can book one here


What if I need more support after the reading?

No worries! You can book a Goddess Mentor session with me. During that time we can focus on process your reading and ushering you into healing.