If you’re tired of feeling stagnant in your life, then this spell is for you.

I’ve labeled this “Glow Up” because this is meant to bring you abundance in multiple areas of your life but it doesn’t just drop it in your lap. It helps you to blast through your fears and do what it takes to create the life you’re meant to live.

This isn’t for you if you’re just looking for easy money and aren’t interested in transformation.

This spell is you if you’re looking for a behavioral and spiritual shift…that’s going to cause you to uplevel.

This isn’t about giving you a fish, it’s about teaching you how to fish… get it?

This spell is to be done over 3 days


1 Votive Candle (White,  Yellow, or Orange)


Get in a quiet uninterrupted space.

Every day for 3 days you will burn a third of the candle.

Do this spell during the day or the evening. Which are you compelled to work with? The fiery energy of the sun? Or the glow of the moon? Neither is wrong.


  • Take a moment to center yourself.
  • Light the votive candle
  • Say the spell

I release mediocrity & embrace my divinity

No more hiding my life and settling for a half baked destiny

Today I laugh in the face of fear as my future becomes clear

I mentally and spiritually grow up and call to me my glow up

and so it is. 

  • Cup your hands around the candle (close enough to feel the heat and to see the glow, far enough to not burn).
  • Envision the energy (the glow) of the candle entering your hands and dispersing through your body.
  • Meditate on what you want for 5 minutes.
  • Allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours.


Peace & Blessings!