So, if you’re looking for the typical way to make rose water. This isn’t it. This rose water is for those that are looking for an easier way to make it happen.

Let me be clear…some of these spiritual staples take too long to make. Maybe it’s the fire sign in me, but I don’t have the patience. I’m not sitting roses in water for 3 days.


At least not right now.

So I thought, how can I make rose water that will work for me and be quick?

INSTANT DOWNLOAD (that also involved me pestering one of my spiritual friends.)

You can use rose water in several ways. Some put it in their bath water and some use it to cleanse their home and even their spiritual tools.

I use this water spiritually and I DO NOT ingest it because of the way that I make it.

The bottom line is that love is a powerful energy and Rose Water helps bring that energy to you.

I’m going to tell you what you absolutely need to make this and I’m also going to share what I did to personalize it.

Enough rambling from me.

Tools & Ingredients:

2 Glass Bowls

Strainer, cheesecloth, or a paper towel ( I used a paper towel)

1 tablespoon of alcohol (I used a cheap vodka)

Moon Water (Spring or distilled water is fine)

Dried Rose Buds

Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Rose quartz

Sea salt

Small crystal chips… rose quartz, amethyst, and crystal quartz (not necessary).



Ensure that you are in a calm and meditative state. This is all about your energy. If you have to, play music to keep you in a “loving” state of mind.


  • Place warm water into the glass bowl ( heated mine on the stove) and put your Rose Quartz stone into the water to infuse it with the power of the stone


  • Put rose buds,  sea salt and vodka into the water and let it sit for an hour.


  • Now it’s time to strain.  Remove the rose quartz. Use your strainer to pour the rose water into the new container. Or Place a paper towel or cheesecloth over the top of the empty bowl and pour it in.


  • Move it to into its new holding container. I use 4 oz glass bottles and I used a funnel. You can put it in anything you like and add 6-10 drops of rose essential oil into the water


  • Hold it and set your intentions. Infuse it with love. I prayed and invited my guides to assist me in dedicating it bring love wherever it’s used.

You can surround it with crystals for however long you desire. I placed small crystal chips directly inside my bottle as well.
There you have it. The process took me less than two hours and it’s powerful and effective!